Why is SEO important?

To better understand what SEO is, you need to understand why it is important. Any website that needs traffic to survive needs search engine optimization. There are over 40 million businesses on Google as an example, in addition millions of webpages otherwise on the internet, and it is the search engines job to add all of those pages to its index and whenever a query is performed they list the results in order of relevancy to display to the searcher.

There are many, many factors that the search engines take into account when choosing which webpages to display in what order in the search results. One that we are sure of is relevancy. Simply put if you search for Red Roses and end up with results that are anything other than you would not use that index or search engine.


Google’s Mission Statement

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Reasons why you would want to market your website / business include:

  • Sell a Product
  • Sell a Service
  • Keep a Product Sold (Interaction)
  • Keep a Service Sold (Interaction)
  • Branding Awareness
  • Capture Leads
  • Market Research

Buzzwords and some basic understandings

SEM is the wider discipline that incorporates SEO. SEM includes both paid search results (using tools like Google Adwords or Bing Ads, Banner ads, Re-tracked ads, and Article Submissions etc.) and organic search results (SEO).

A keyword analysis is performed for both SEO and SEM, but not necessarily at the same time. SEM and SEO both need to be monitored and updated frequently to reflect evolving best practices and effectiveness.

Understanding this, consider the following while I explain a bit more –
What are your goals for marketing your business? As specific as possible what does success look like to you? Before a direction and speed of that direction can be determined for your business, you must have a vision of success in mind.

A company that is unfamiliar with COGS (cost of goods sold) and LTV (Life Time Value) is ill-equipped to make financial decisions that will cause growth. Know your numbers is much more than a figure of speech. These numbers play a close roll in your marketing efforts as you make decisions you will be asking yourself regularly, “Does this make financial sense?” if not, STOP doing it!

My company’s goal specifically is to wealth in the success of our clients. Our greatest success comes from our clients that are most successful. So “Home runs” are nice and we will take them when we can get them but “small ball” is our game, In other words for our investment in to the companies we work with long term relationships just makes sense for both of us.

Understand How It Works

The Real

It’s vital that you gain some kind of understanding of how the SEO & SEM process works even if it’s just basic knowledge as many people have the misconception that it will yield results overnight or makes sales for you.

SEO is a long term marketing strategy which requires on going work and so it will take weeks or even months for your rankings to improve depending on their competition levels, this is discovered through keyword research and analyzing your competition based on page one results for the term you wish to rank for.

You’ll save yourself a lot of stress and confusion by accepting this fact and budgeting for a long term strategy and not an overnight quick fix. Although, I have seen results in days it is important to note anyone who claims to be able to offer you instant results is either lying or doesn’t understand SEO themselves. – We don’t own Google.

The Real Nice

SEO and Internet marketing when done correctly and in conjunction with a business owner that embraces the process will stay on the edge which is most close to their potential clients/customers. SEO is the most laser targeted way to market your business. By marketing key word phrases, to put your business in front of the consumers who are looking for your product or service, in which you can convert to business.


Small Fact

U.S. consumers will spend $327 billion online in 2016, Forrester Research. 90% of offline purchases are researched online first and 70% of people will call you before coming in to your brick and mortar.

Our Marketing Process


Getting started with our marketing process begins with us getting to know your business where you were, but most importantly where you’re at and wanting to go. Really getting to know your business is very important to choose the right strategies for you. During the evaluation process we will help you analyze your current online position and what position suits your goals for the future of your business. Our keen eyes will be focused on what makes financial sense. Your niche is online; the question that will be answered quickly is if your business is ready to move to the next level. After analyzing your business with you we will take that information and begin to do our research online. We research the top 20 in your category and review what they are doing in order to be ranked, we also do extensive key word / key phrase analysis based on your product or service. Finally we take both competition and search volume and provide our cost, at the same time you’re provided a report on our research. Now we don’t just hand a report to you and send you on your way. We schedule a meeting with you about our findings and this is where we discuss with you our research and options. We will spend the time to explain and teach you what you need to know to make an informed decision.

Where is the Money?

Your website and social properties are assets to your business when we are done with them. It isn’t enough just to create a website or a profile on Facebook. On page optimization for all of your social properties is paramount and your marketing plan should have a purpose for each piece you incorporate so there is something to measure by. With your site and other properties optimized even at its best they are tools. It is up to you to close the deal. Tracking, handling, and prospecting in general are important measurements to how well your marketing efforts are doing for you. Even at a basic level you need to answer the phone when it rings, you need a process on what to do with those clients and prospects once you get them. ACKWEB also can provide further consulting in this area. Our resume includes Facebook, Google, HP, IBM, Apple Computers and many other organizations large and small.

Getting back to the question where is the money? The money is on page one, the money is in the list; the money is in the right key term or phrase that most accurately describes your money makers and getting your brand out in front of those looking for it so you can convert business.

Key Term Phrases – The Basics

There are two Types of Key-Term phrases.

  • Research phrase or short term phrase
  • Buy phrase or long tail phrases


  • Research phrase: “Shoes “
  • Buy phrase: “Converse high top shoes Sacramento“

There are different reasons to do either type of key term and there are benefits that differ from each. A research phrase will yield you more search volume, generally a lot more. Also if you can rank for a general term globally chances are you’re going to also get in addition to extreme traffic you’re going to get inquiries to your business or product. What could seem like a down fall is this sort of term is often more expensive, and a lot of the traffic may be researching but not necessarily looking to buy your product or service. Depending on the key term a short tail or research type of term may be a buy phrase too such as a one or two word phrase that is brand related. One other thing with these sorts of terms they are for the obvious reasons harder to rank for. By no means does this mean not to do them. As long as you know the risk reward with these sorts of terms and they make financial sense meaning when the traffic comes and it will, can your site convert and can you convert the traffic to business.


Key Term Phrases – The Basics continued…

A long tail or buy phrase is the secret sauce for the small guy. Often local but not always, a long tail key term we refer to as a buy phrase. If someone is specific with their search and types 3 or more key words to locate an item they are hunting for something specific and if your positioned right to gather the traffic of this type of traffic you are going to get visitors to your website and there is a great chance if your site is positioned correctly you will convert business. Why would I call a long tail buy phrase ‘secret sauce’ well one to be interesting, but truly the long tail phrase allows the small guy to compete with the big companies. With the use of long tail key terms a business is able to focus on what makes them money and nothing else. Now to be fair to the short tail term, you must understand that a long tail term is going to get only a fraction of the traffic thus less opportunity to turn traffic to business; however, a long tail key term often lets the smaller marketing budget to compete. Researching your competition and your product, services, location is what needs to happen in order to make the right choice for your business.

What is On Page Optimization?

On page optimization is the cumulative actions that we do for your website that makes you relevant to your key-term. Search engine, key terms and all these buzzwords all boil down to relevancy. If you think for a moment what is the job of Google, Bing and the other search engines and social sites?

Areas of Internet Marketing Covered

Keyword Research

–     SEO

–     SEM

–     PPC

–     Social Media

–     Video Design

–     Email Marketing

–     Branding

Additional Tools we provide

–     Web Design

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